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10 mai 2006 3 10 /05 /mai /2006 17:24

It’s all over now Baby blue.  

I’ve  found  a way to talk about my little one. 

And say someyhing  for her.  

 This song could be  a little requiem, the good prayer that is fine for the  little girl  I lost  when  Atropos cut the thread of her very short life, thirty-one years ago. She was nine days old.  

I did not  find what to do every time  came the gloomy day of this sad aniversary. 

Now, it’s different. 

“You must leave now take what you need  you think will last 

But whatever you wish to keep you’d better grab it fast 

Yonder stands your father with his gun 

Crying like a fire in the sun. 

Pain ‘s finished when death is coming  through  

And it’s all over now baby blue 

The highway is for gamblers  life is a nonsense 

Take what you have gathered from coincidence 

Your mother who ‘s stuck close to your bed 

Can’t keep her tears  pouring on your head 

But you’re not an helpless child since I can reach you 

It’s all over now baby blue 

Leave your stepping stones something calls for you  

Forget the womb you left it will not follow you 

The next baby who’s rapping at  the door 

Will never stand in the clothes you once wore 

Can we strike another match ang go start a new 

When it’s all over baby blue?






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